Landscaping Ideas For Walkout Basement: Choose Your Favorite

Some houses are so well-built that they can provide you with a walkout basement. Surely, you may not appreciate it immediately, you may not know how to use this space, or how to decorate it, and it may look just like a burden.

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But do not worry, there are a lot of ways and landscaping ideas to decorate walkout basements, to make them a perfectly comfortable place where you can relax and gather with your family members. 

If you are interested in making your walkout basement a better place, then you will find everything you need in this article. You definitely should memorize the walkout basement patio ideas that seem suitable for you.

A basement walkout: general information

Before we come to walkout basement patio ideas, it is important to emphasize what is the walkout basement. With that, you will know for sure that you have exactly the proper type of building we are going to talk about. 

So, a walkout basement is the type of basement that has a window, or several windows, or doors, that is opened to the outdoors. When your basement has doors and windows to the outdoors, it creates perfect conditions for the atmosphere and people inside.

Your walkout basement, if it is built correctly, fortunately, will be a very bright, airy, and comfortable place. It will be the place that you will certainly enjoy.

What can you do with a basement?

Many people who have a walkout make it basement use this as an opportunity to build atmospheric living spaces there, they tend to create decks and patios there. They can even create a sunken hot tub. Why do they do it? Because it is possible to enjoy the outdoors and not leave the home at the same time. 


This is why landscape basement ideas have become so popular these days. Probably, you will find that they deserve such popularity.

Landscape walkout basements matter: why?

It is definitely important to note that landscaping a walkout basement not only creates a new living space that may be surely beautiful and comfortable, that you can make a new room, like a new living room or a new room for your children. 

Increase the value of your house

Fortunately, it is also a good basement for your future, for instance, for the time when you are going to sell your home and get a new one, or when you are going to move to another city, or something else. And you will know now why it is so.

It is important because the resale value of your house increases by up to twenty percent when you have landscaped your basement. You will really appreciate this in the future.

This is something to remember when you plan to do something nice with your walkout basement.

Is it expensive to landscape a basement?

And there is good news for sure: landscaping your walkout basement doesn’t cost you too much. So, you can be really creative here and do not worry about how much money you will spend on it. After all, the result will be certainly very satisfying.

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Walkout basement patio ideas

Now we can finally get to the point of the article – the walkout basement landscaping ideas, something you have been surely waiting for. When you decorate your basement and create a new living space there, you will definitely find out that there are a lot of possibilities that you can use. You can do whatever you want with your basement.


Fortunately, you can be as much creative as you want when you build a basement and when you build and decorate a patio.

And you certainly can use your landscaping ideas for a walkout basement, you can use them as inspiration or as direct instructions. It is absolutely for you to decide. 

Your walkout basement as a private retreat

You can decorate your basement as a private retreat. You can do this by adding several privacy screens, or you can add there some kind of landscaping features, like bushes and trees. It will make your new living space more private and comfortable for you and your relatives.

You can use the walkout basement space for a rest, you can just lay down there and get away from everything that bothers you – and you do not have to leave your home. You have your special place.

You should just place furniture set there, for instance, you can use a sofa, armchairs, and a coffee table. And you can also decorate your private retreat with several plants. All of this will help you to make your basement a better place for you.

Your basement as a gravel patio

There is another way to landscape your walkout basement – try to build a walkout basement patio! This option is easy, and it is also quite cheap, especially if you are using gravel, one of the main materials in building the patio.


Another advantage of this basement walkout patio is that you will not spend a lot of time making them, it may only take you a weekend. And you will build a nice outdoor living area.

And this patio is also perfect for beginners since it is very easy to make.

Your basement as a walkout basement patio under a deck

This walkout basement idea is perfect for you and easy to create if you already have a basement entrance that is under an upper-floor deck. Especially, it is quite wide and big. You can create a very comfortable living space there. You can create a stamped concrete patio or a brick patio.

But it is important to mention that building this patio will require some effort to put into it. You will need headroom, grading, and drainage, you will have to think carefully about these things before you start building a walkout basement patio.

Basement as a roofless walkout basement patio with fire pit

You can build a walkout basement patio with a grilling station and fire pit. It will be an atmospheric outdoor living area. How to build it and what it contains?

fire pit2

There may be several seats that are surrounding the fire pit. The floor of such a patio can be concrete slabs. They are big flat rocks, on which the seats are standing. 

The space between the rocks may be just grass. It would be very authentic and atmospheric, a nice place, where you can spend evenings and nights.

The grilling station which was mentioned will be at the back, near the retaining wall of the basement, not near the fire pit.

Just don’t burn painted wood at the stake, it can be dangerous to health.

grilling station

So, as you can see, this patio has its advantages. You can gather with friends and family here and just spend time outdoors. And you can also grill there, since all the needed things, such as a grilling station, are there. 

Your basement as a modern walkout patio

This idea of landscaping the walkout basement patio may be a great inspiration for you. This basement patio is a modern one, and this patio is quite popular, you can probably see this from your friends or relatives. So, what do you need to know about this landscaping idea?

The area


This walkout basement patio is designed for small spaces when you do not have a lot of free space in front of your basement that you can decorate. But this is not a problem. Even such conditions can provide you with a comfortable landscape design.

Furniture set

There are two main elements. The first main element is a dining table set with an umbrella. The dining table is rather small, it is designed for four people, but you can change it if you want. The thing is to leave the space you need. 

A grilling station

The second main element is a grilling station that is situated at the back, near the wall of your basement.

A grilling station

Even if this walkout basement patio is not quite big, for instance, because there is no good space between you and your neighbors, your landscape design will make your new walkout basement better. It is comfortable, and it is very stylish and beautiful.

Your basement as a traditional walkout basement patio

Of course, another walkout basement idea is a traditional one, with quite a well-done outdoor living area. 

The area

This walkout basement patio idea is also designed for small places. If you do have not much basement outdoor space, it is not bad, do not worry, you still can decorate it perfectly fine. Fortunately, this idea will help you with that. 

What about the roof?

This traditional walkout basement patio is roofless, it is designed only if you have no roof under your future patio. This patio contains a set of outdoor furniture to make a living space comfortable: for instance, you can place a sofa, an armchair, and a coffee table there. Do not forget to put several plants in pots there, it will be a good thing to enjoy when you are there.


Choose furniture wisely

But there is something for you to note. Since this walkout basement patio has no roof at all, there will be no protection from rain or even snow. Do not worry, fortunately, there is a solution to this situation.

You can either choose the special furniture that is designed specifically for the outdoor environment. That means that you have to select this type of furniture that will not suffer from the rain, and that there will be no mold on the sofa or armchair after a long staying with high humidity. You need regular outdoor seats. You can place them near the seating walls.

Or there is another solution. You can buy the type of furniture that you want, but then you have to buy a special cover that will protect your furniture from the rain.

Walkout basement landscaping ideas: a fountain

As it said, there is a big amount of ideas that you can use as inspiration. The ideas are all different from one another, and this idea is no exception. This proves that you can do with your basement whatever you want to, you can even build a sunken patio. 


And now you can build a fountain in your walkout basement patio, and make a wonderful outdoor living area that is perfect for rest and for spending time with your family and friends.

A small fountain in walkout basement patio

You can design a patio with a fountain the way you want to. On the other hand, there is an idea to place a fountain in the center of your patio. It is perfectly fine when you have a small space in front of your basement and when you have a big space. The fountain will be a beautiful decoration for your patio and will create a perfect place for spending time.

It is the same about the roof. You can both use this idea when you have a roof under your patio and when you have a roofless patio.

Furniture set

It is recommended to place not only a fountain there but also some kind of furniture. Your patio may contain a sofa, an armchair, a dining table with several chairs, and others. Do not forget about the plants. Plants are always a good decoration for any patio.

If you use this idea with the roofless patio, follow the cautions about the furniture from the previous landscaping idea.

A large fountain

If you have a very big walkout basement area, then this idea is very suitable for you.

You can place a large fountain in the center of the patio or the back, near the wall, or in a place where you want to place it. Just make sure that the location will be correct and there will be no problems with providing water in the fountain.

Large f

The fountain creates a special relaxing atmosphere that will help you and your guests to have a proper rest on the patio. So, do not forget to put some furniture there, so you could have the possibility to sit or to lie down and relax.

Furniture set

Your patio should contain a coffee table, a sofa, and a couple of armchairs. 

This is a good idea both for a patio under the roof and for a patio with no roof. But if your patio has no roof, prepare appropriate conditions for your furniture.

Your basement as a walkout basement patio with a landscape

Another option that you can use with your walkout basement is to build a truly beautiful and meditative place there. Are you interested? Then let’s find out all the details.

So, this idea is designed for a roofless patio, since it has such elements, that require no roof.

This is good for a big space in front of your basement, which is also surrounded by the forest or other nature. But with proper skills, you can make it even in a small area. 

You have to build some kind of garden beds with a composition of stones. You should choose the stones and the boulders and find a way to decorate them perfectly. It may be just an addition to your flower garden beds, or it can be a special garden of stones. It is for you to decide.


The thing is that you are going to create a fantastic landscape that can be a part of your patio.

The other thing that the patio includes, is furniture. There is a coffee table and several pairs of chairs will be perfectly fine. It is so because it allows you to enjoy the view of the landscape properly. This relaxing atmosphere of the patio will provide you with proper rest. And it will be a perfect place for gathering with friends and family.

Your basement as a walkout basement patio with a swimming pool

This landscaping idea is the other one that is designed for a big area. It may be a big roofless area. Why is that so? Because you need some space to build a swimming pool there if you choose to follow this idea.


So, this patio includes a small area in front of the pool and the swimming pool itself. The size of the pool is for you to decide.

This patio will be perfect if you put the furniture there. It may contain a lounge sofa, a chair, and even a dining table. 

This idea will turn your walkout basement and the area in front of it into a place where you will have proper holidays with your relatives and where you can enjoy swimming in the water and resting under the sunshine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of a walkout basement?

Despite everything written above, there is no secret that having a walkout basement may be tough. It has several disadvantages. For instance, it is easy for a robber to come inside your house through a basement door. But it is true only if you do not lock your doors properly. Another thing is that having a basement will increase your taxes.
And then in some especially bad places with high humidity, it will be complicated to make sure that there is no moisture inside your basement. But this problem can be solved, you should just build your basement properly from the very beginning.

Does walkout basement add value?

Yes, if you have a walkout basement and if you landscape it, it will raise the value of your house. This is an excellent advantage to consider.

What is a walkout basement called?

Another name for a walkout basement is a lookout basement. It is so simple because it has windows and doors that come outdoors.

What is the ideal slope for a walkout basement?

The ideal slope for a walkout basement is about fifteen percent or a seven-foot drop. Keep it in mind when you build or decorate a basement.

In conclusion: there are plenty of landscaping ideas

We have seen a lot of walkout basement ideas. They are all different: some of them are simple and classical, and another is modern and complicated. Some of them suggest you a landscape or a garden, and others suggest you a fountain or a swimming pool, or even a sunken hot tub area. You can choose what suits you the most – and there is something to choose from.

It all depends on the type of basement that you have, on the conditions that you have, on your budget, and, of course, on your taste. Make up your mind and start landscaping your basement.

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