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Hi all. My name is James Derrick. If you have become a reader of my blog, you are thinking about how to properly equip your home. I want to say that together with my family we live in our own big house. Therefore, we know firsthand how important it is to properly arrange everything for a comfortable stay.

My wife Nancy and I were independently engaged in the arrangement and repair of the purchased house. Therefore, all the time we were able to learn all the subtleties and secrets of the work. We have a large basement in the house, which we converted into a laundry room. We independently installed a small cinema and a pool table in the living room.

We decided to create our blog to share our skills and life hacks for working with readers. From our blog, you will learn how to choose the right materials for construction and decoration. Together with you, we will test various household appliances to determine the best options.

We will also consider different design options and furniture combinations. This will allow you to choose the most beautiful solution for your home. I can say with confidence that home renovation is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Almost all the work can be done independently if you know the basic rules.

If you have experience with self-repair you are ready to share your skills, feel free to write in the comments. Perhaps your advice will be useful to my wife and me or other readers. I hope that all readers of our blog will benefit each other, and will also listen to our advice.

Together we can create dream homes that will be comfortable for everyone. Therefore, in general, universal design options will be considered. However, from time to time we will describe unique designs that add zest.


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