Bilco Door Installation Cost: The Basic Figures

Almost all people do not pay attention to the aesthetics of the basement, and wrongly so. But some people think about how their basements look, so they try to choose high-quality doors. Bilco doors are in the greatest demand.

bilco door installation cost

Features of using the Bilco door

Before proceeding with the review of Bilco door installation cost, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the main features of Bilco doors. Bilco’s products are in great demand, and the company is practically the market leader.

As you know, people use basements not only as auxiliary premises. However, the basement can be used as an emergency exit in case of emergencies. In this case, the basement doors must be of high quality. And the best solution would be to install a Bilco door.

The main advantage of the Bilco door is that it opens outwards. Therefore, you can get out of the basement quickly and easily. It is important to note that Bilco basement doors comply with building codes.

Bilco doors open wide, so there is the possibility of increasing storage space.

You can place garden furniture, leisure accessories, and much more. These doors can be installed both in inclined and flat basements.

What is the cost of installing a Bilco door?

The cost of installing a Bilco door varies from $400 to $1,000. This cost is relevant if you complement the existing door. If you plan on building a new door frame, the cost increases by $700-$900.

To replace the door frame, you have to spend $800-$1000. Basement doors need accessories. On average, Bilco door accessories cost $220-$300.

Bilco basement door installation cost

The cost of installing a Bilco door still depends on what size basement door you choose. An O-size Bilco basement door costs $400-600. If you choose to buy a new B-size Bilco door, the cost ranges from $600 to $800.

Bilco’s C-size basement door costs $800-$1,000. As you know, O-size doors are considered the most compact, so they are inexpensive. But the door to the C-size is considered the most massive, so the price is very high.

You can also find in the assortment of the company Bilco a door from the classic series sloped wall. Classic series basement doors are considered universal and are appropriate for any opening. The manufacturer made sure that the design looks harmonious on the exterior of the house.

You can also pick up the door to the basement from the Ultra series. They visually resemble the Bilco doors of the Classic version. They are equipped with interchangeable inserts located on the side panels.

Thanks to the inserts, it is possible to change the layout near the door frame. You don’t have to resize or do the time-consuming setup.

If you are installing a new door, complete with a sloping wall, then they can only be installed in places where the side walls are built into the foundation.

Therefore, when choosing a Bilco door, try to take into account all the parameters of the house.

Bilco door installation cost 2

The cost of installing basement door by professionals

Bilco doors require professional installation.

Be prepared for the fact that the cost of installing a basement door depends on what class of professionals you choose. You should secure a good contractor who handles the many issues associated with installing a basement door.

Additionally, you need to find an experienced electrician.

You need to understand that the hourly rate of contractors depends on their professionalism and place of residence. A contractor can be found to install a new Bilco door for $40 an hour. Some craftsmen require payment of $90 per hour.

You can ask the contractor about a good electrician. On average, the cost of an electrician is $75 per hour.

The main work of the contractor is to create a new door frame. If necessary, they can repair the door frame in case of severe damage. You can ask the contractor to resize the door frame.

The contractor can also repair the exterior basement staircase. However, you ought to entrust the work to experienced contractors who have a license.

Prices for new door frames

It is possible that initially the new door to the basement was not included in the layout of the house. Therefore, it may be necessary to cut a doorway where a basement door is inserted. On average, a door frame for a basement door costs $250. Given that you have to hire a professional, the cost increases to $700-900.

If you plan to install a door frame, you should consult with the contractor in advance and clarify the cost of their services. A professional takes measurements of the opening and advises quality options. The contractor can build the door frame, both off-site and in your yard.

If you install Bilco’s hidden door, then its cost increases significantly. However, a hidden door would be ideal as an emergency exit as it won’t overwhelm the exterior of the home.

Door frame replacement prices

If you plan to install a door in the basement, you may have to change the frame. Replacing the frame for the Bilco door costs $800. If you put a high-quality clamshell door in the basement, the cost could exceed $1,000.

You need to understand that replacing the frame costs more than buying a new one.

After all, contractors have to work much harder. Contractors may have to change the size of the opening. Especially if you are planning a clamshell door, and the opening for the Bilco door is small.

How much does it cost to dismantle the Bilco door?

Quite often, people install a new basement door only after dismantling the old one. Dismantling is a complex procedure and must be carried out by experienced craftsmen. It is quite dangerous to dismantle the old door to install a door on your own. After all, there is a risk of damage to the frame and the space around it.

You can ask a contractor to dismantle an old Bilco door, and for 2 hours of work, you’ll have to pay about $180. You need to properly dispose of the old Bilco door, as it is not suitable for reuse or recycling. To hand over the old Bilco door for recycling, you have to pay an additional $30.

Bilco door installation cost 3

Prices for repairing stairs to the basement

If you are planning to install bulkhead doors, it is important to take care of the quality of the stairs. Repairing the basement stairs costs $70 an hour. If the cracks on the stairs are massive, then the cost increases to $300.

To make the bulkhead door look more interesting, you should worry about the quality of the railing. This makes the refinishing process easier. Additional repairs are an expensive service, and the price tag can go up to $500.

Prices for accessories for Bilco doors

The door to the basement, like interior doors, must be supplemented with interesting accessories, for which you’ll have to pay extra. The price of a key and a lock with which you can close doors are $60-$70. The Bilco door may need seals. Their cost is $50-$55.

A new Bilco door basement may require foundation slabs. Their price varies from $110 to $180. If you manage to buy accessories for the Bilco basement door, you can achieve perfect functionality.

Key and lock set

Quite often, basements are used for storage. In this case, Bilco needs to close the door with a key. This ensures the safety of your belongings. To prevent anyone from stealing your belongings, complete the new basement door with a set of locks and keys. The most popular set costs $60-$70.

The lock is made of high-quality materials that do not rust even when in contact with water. The cylinder has a protective cover that keeps water out of the lock groove. Therefore, you can enter the door to the basement, even if it is pouring rain outside.

The main advantage of such kits is that they are easy to install. So you don’t have to hire a professional. If you have all the necessary tools at home, the installation takes no more than 30 minutes.

Seal kit

If you are installing a door to the basement, you should take care of purchasing seals. After all, after installing doors, gaps can form around the entire perimeter, which can bring a lot of trouble.

Moisture and insects penetrate through the holes, which is unsafe for the basement.

Special seals help to close all openings. For the whole set, you pay about $50. The seals installed on the Bilco basement door make the sound of the closing door less ringing. At the same time, the Bilco door lasts longer.

Foundation plates for Bilco doors

To hide the space around the Bilco door, you can use foundation slabs. They additionally hold the door. You can find these accessories in different sizes, depending on the Bilco doors to be installed. The cost to install Bilco ranges from $110 to $180, depending on the size.

Bilco door installation cost 4


When it comes to Bilco doors, you may encounter numerous questions.

What are the varieties of the Bilco door?

In total, the company’s assortment includes several versions of Bilco basement doors.


The main advantage of the Bilco basement doors from the classic version is that the entrance to the basement can be made straight. This Bilco door helps to add storage or living space while making your home more functional. The blocked door in this version is powder coated, and you can choose the one for your home.

Cellar door BR

This option is also called an inclined wall. The design has numerous advantages and would be appropriate if a sloping side wall was built into the foundation. This version of the door can be made of stone, concrete, or brick.

Ultra Series

The design of such Bilco doors is resistant to rust, so the material does not rot. You don’t need to constantly repaint basement doors. The basement door in question has an original design that imitates natural wood.

The side has interchangeable side panel inserts that fill the basement with ventilation and lighting. Doors similar to Bilco are convenient and tight, so the entrance to the basement complies with the standards.

Can you add a BILCO door to a basement?

If you are looking for the perfect basement door, check out Bilco products. It is easy to install, however, it is better to hire a contractor for installation.

Are BILCO doors watertight?

Bilco’s product range includes door models that are resistant to moisture. However, be prepared for the fact that their cost is slightly higher when compared with classic models.

What is the benefit of BILCO doors?

Bilco doors guarantee the safety of your home. The design is complemented by a lock that has a sliding bolt. Inside, there are mounting flanges that ensure that the Bilco door is closed from the inside, and intruders cannot enter the basement. At the same time, you always have the opportunity to get out of the basement if an emergency occurs.

How much does it cost to build a bulkhead basement?

On average, the cost of a bulkhead door varies from $500 to $2000. It all depends on what material was used in the production. There is a large assortment of Bilco doors in construction stores, so you can find the best option for yourself.

How to care for Bilco doors?

You should have the door regularly inspected to detect the formed gaps in time. Also, the door regularly needs to be cleaned and lubricated so that the door opens more easily and debris does not accumulate inside.


As you can see, the cost of installing basement doors is low. Especially if you perform simple work yourself, and hire a contractor for the main work. If you want the contractor to do all the installation, you have to spend a lot of money.

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