20+ Low Ceiling Small Basement Ideas You Didn’t Know Existed!

You don’t have to worry if you’re an owner of a low-ceiling basement and you want to do a basement remodel. We’ve got numerous wonderful low ceiling small basement ideas for you! You can transform it into a basement attraction!

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Many of the low-ceiling basements are so small we can’t walk easily under a lower ceiling that we can almost reach it with our heads. 

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Many homeowners feel the squat in the room and wonder if it could be turned into an attractive, comfortable living room in the basement.

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Please browse through some of our low basement ceiling ideas to find a solution to the problem. We’ll tell you the best way to create a higher floor and make low-ceiling basements attractive.

Low basement ceiling ideas to make a low ceiling look higher

Don’t worry, there are many low basement ceiling ideas to make a low basement ceiling look higher. 

False ceiling

You could add a false ceiling, which is a panel or series of panels that fit between the joists of your floor and the roof. This option gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of ceiling design and can be very cost-effective.

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Another option among low basement ceiling ideas is to add molding to the walls and/or the basement ceiling. This will help to create the illusion of a higher ceiling. You can choose from a variety of molding options, including crown molding, chair rail molding, and baseboard molding.

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If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you could consider increasing the height of the basement floor. This can be done by installing new joists and raising the floor level. However, this is a more expensive option that may not be feasible in all cases.

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Low basement ceiling ideas: simple drop ceiling tiles for the basement

If you’re looking for simple, cheap low basement ceiling ideas, drop ceiling tiles are a great way to go. They’re easy to install, and they can be painted, for example, like a blue summer sky, or covered in wallpaper to match your interior decor.

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Plus, ceiling tiles create the illusion of a higher ceiling. If you have a low basement ceiling, this is a great way to make it feel more spacious and comfortable.

Low basement ceiling ideas: recessed lighting

One of the low basement ceiling ideas to make your basement ceiling look higher is to install recessed lights. 

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This will create the illusion of a higher basement ceiling and make an inviting space. Plus, it will provide extra light for activities such as watching TV or working on a laptop.

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Recessed lighting comes in a variety of styles and can be customized to match your decor. It’s also a great way to add value to your home. 

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If you’re thinking of selling in the future, recessed lights are an easy upgrade that potential buyers will appreciate.

Recessed lighting is significant because large light fixtures dangling from the already suspended ceiling would make the whole space feel like a cramped area.

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Low basement ceiling ideas: wood paneling for a cozier feel

To make your low-ceiling basement look bigger, you may want to consider using wood paneling. 

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Wood paneling can make the room look cozier and give it a more homey vibe. You can install vertical panels to add height, or horizontal panels to create an accent wall.

For smaller basements with lower ceilings, vertical paneling is recommended, since it draws the eye upward and makes the space appear larger.

Create an offset, inlaid rectangle of pale-stained wood beams instead of coating the entire low basement ceiling in wood.

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Wood paneling also allows you to experiment with different textures and colors. If your basement has a lot of natural light, you can choose lighter woods such as pine or birch for a brighter feel. 

Darker woods like mahogany or walnut will create a warmer feel in rooms that don’t get much sunlight. The options are endless!

Wood paneling is an affordable option that will add personality and style to your basement, no matter how small or low the basement ceiling might be!

Low basement ceiling ideas: artistic wallpaper ideas 

One of the low-ceiling basement ideas you can use to make your low-ceiling basement more attractive is to use some creative wallpaper designs. Wallpaper is an easy, cost-effective way to make a room look bigger and brighter. 

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You have a range of options when it comes to wallpaper, including bold patterns, metallic finishes, vibrant colors, and more.

For a low-ceiling basement, try wallpaper with vertical lines or stripes, since they tend to create the illusion of a longer and taller space. You can also mix and match different colors to give the room dimension. 

For example, if you have exposed wood beams on the basement ceiling, try using a solid paint color on the basement walls below and then add a bolder pattern or color around the beams for contrast.

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You can even incorporate 3D wallpapers that pop out from the wall to draw attention away from the low basement ceilings and focus on something positive in the room. By using these creative wallpaper ideas for your low basement ceiling, you can turn an otherwise dull space into something magical!

Low basement ceiling ideas: decorative lights to brighten up the room

Adding some lights with a low ceiling can give a basement room a lift. You can choose from several styles of lighting fixtures to create the right look and feel. Consider recessed lighting, track lighting, or wall sconces. 

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They all come in different finishes, so you can find something to match your existing decor. And, more importantly, they provide the lighting you need to brighten up the room and make it feel larger.

To make the room even bigger and lighter, think about adding a ceiling fan with light. Not only will it provide light, but it will also circulate air to keep the space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 

Alternatively, you could consider hanging pendant lights or chandeliers for an added decorative touch. 

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Finally, if your space is narrow, consider using wall sconces instead of overhead lighting to create an intimate atmosphere that’s great for relaxing in after a long day.

Low basement ceiling ideas: visual interest with texture

If you’re not able to create more space by adding height, then you can use texture to create visual interest in your small basement space. 

Textures can make a room look bigger by making the eyes move around the space and making it look more dynamic. 

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Start by incorporating different textures in your wall coverings, curtains, throw pillows, rugs, and other decor pieces. You can also add texture to the floor with vinyl tile or linoleum.

Adding texture will also make your low-ceiling basement look more inviting and cozy. For example, you could use an area rug with a soft texture to bring warmth to the room or incorporate shaggy pillows and throws for a luxe vibe. 

You can also add wallpaper or paint with a textured finish like matte, gloss, or metallic. By playing with various textures, you’ll be able to create interest and depth while making your low-ceiling basement feel bigger.

Low basement ceiling ideas: beaded curtains to create a cozy place

Beaded curtains can make a basement with a low ceiling feel more spacious. Beaded curtains will make your basement look longer and less crowded. 

Beaded curtains come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Long strings of colorful beads create a visually stimulating area that can be soothing. You can use them to add privacy or design to a room. 

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Beaded curtains are easy and affordable low-ceiling basement ideas. They add dimension and texture to the room. You can transform an unappealing room with minimal effort.

Low basement ceiling ideas: paint to create a brighter space

Using the right color scheme can brighten up a low-ceilinged basement. Good paint can create the illusion of a higher ceiling. Use at least two warm, light colors to distract from a low ceiling. 

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You can paint the ceiling white and the walls pastel. Light blue, light green, pale yellow, etc. are good wall colors. 

Add orange or red accent walls for more effect. If your basement does not get much natural light, the paint will reflect more light.

Exposed ductwork and pipes

Taking the use of exposed ductwork and plumbing is another trendy trend to contemplate for your low basement ceiling and the cheapest approach to get around what may be considered ugly features of your property. 

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Painted pipes appear sleek and modern, and metal HVAC systems offer an industrial touch. 

Ideas for a black low basement ceiling

Black basement ceiling: Paint an entire ceiling black to make ducts and other ugly elements disappear. The flat black paint looks wonderful on drop ceiling tiles, tin tile panels, and exposed beams. 

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Maximize your light sources to ensure that the darkness improves rather than depresses the overall mood of the basement.

Maintain unobstructed basement windows for natural light flow, and put recessed or flat light lights on your lower ceiling.

Make use of natural wooden planks

Consider using natural wooden planks as your ceiling if you want to add a little rustic charm to your home at a minimal cost. 

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While they may not be as elegant or sophisticated as other ceiling solutions, they will create a distinct look and feel that is suitable for any environment. Furthermore, natural wood is long-lasting and requires no particular care.

Metal corrugated ceiling

Corrugated metal ceiling is a common alternative for places with low ceilings. It is quick and simple to install and comes in a range of styles to fit any environment. 

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Hire a skilled contractor to install your corrugated metal ceiling, as proper installation might be difficult.

Coffering for low basement ceilings

“Coffer” means “indented” in architecture. A coffered ceiling appears to have indentations, but it is made with exposed beams. Coffer ceiling beams are grid-arranged squares, octagons, or other geometric shapes. 

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Centers can be drywall, ceiling tile, or wood planks. A coffered ceiling is one of the more formal basement ceiling options and adds elegance. Coffered ceilings improve basement acoustics. 

Some people think structured ceilings in a basement with low ceilings are excessive, but a shallow design should be fine. If your basement has a tray ceiling, add coffered beams to change the look.

Stylish low basement ceiling ideas

If you’re looking for stylish solutions to your low ceilings, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of ways to make them look both chic and inviting. 

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Installing sleek track lights on the ceiling as well as strategically placed sconces can create a modern yet cozy atmosphere. 

Opt for a color palette of subdued hues, such as navy and cream, and incorporate natural elements like plants or wood furniture pieces to bring in warmth. 

Additionally, adding a large mirror along one wall can give an optical illusion of higher ceilings – it’s a great trick! 

Finally, you can also hang interesting artwork on the walls or at varying heights, which will draw the eye up toward the ceiling in an appealing way. 

What is the greatest basement floor for a basement with low ceilings? 

Eliminating the subfloor adds an inch or two of room height, which may make a big difference in how expansive the area feels after a basement renovation.

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Ceramic tile, painted concrete, and engineered wood are all good basement flooring options. If you go with wood, you must place it atop a thin moisture barrier.

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Other unique low basement ceiling ideas to make a low-ceiling basement attractive

Even if you cannot afford a full basement remodel, you can still make a low basement look nice. Paint the basement walls and ceiling a bright color to make it look bigger. Mirrors can reflect light and make a room appear larger. 

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Furniture can be a focal point. Create a focal point in your basement by adding furniture. You can choose functional and decorative pieces to make your space cozier. 

You could also add unique wall art or ceiling-to-floor decorations. Long curtains or colorful wall hangings can add visual interest and height. 

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Finally, select suspended light fixtures rather than wall-mounted ones to maximize headroom. You can transform even a modest basement with creativity and effort.


So don’t worry if your basement has a low ceiling. You can easily transform it into a beautiful and comfortable living space. 

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Many of the ceiling design ideas shown here are perfect for a low basement ceiling and can make the space feel a lot bigger. Don’t hesitate to browse through these ideas and find the perfect solution for your basement. Wonder what color to paint basement ceiling, read


How do I cover a low basement ceiling?

Glue-on tiles make a great DIY basement ceiling design. Polystyrene or fiberboard tiles are paintable and come in a range of colors, sizes, and shapes. Install plywood to glue them on. But then it is glue and stick.

Can you finish a basement with 7-foot ceiling?

According to the American National Standards Institute, the minimum ceiling height is 7 feet, not 8 feet as many people believe (ANSI Z765). ANSI states 6’4″ is OK under beams.

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  1. I want to draw attention to some points that will help visually raise the ceiling.
    Do not put high furniture in the basement, all furniture should be low.
    Lighting is very important – as much local lighting as possible. And no chandeliers! It will be great if you install lamps and floor lamps that shine both up and down at the same time. Thus, the reflected light will increase the height of the ceiling.
    Also, I would advise adding more vertical accents, for example, vertical stripes on the walls or vertically arranged paintings. This might work too.
    I also saw some interesting tricks somewhere. If you have several rooms in your basement, then try to make the doors full height (no space above the door). This will give a stunning effect.


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