Looking For The Best Basement Door Ideas

Are you looking for interesting ideas to upgrade your living space? Which door option will best match your home design? Do you want to replace your current door with something more suitable and unique?

Here we are, to share some creative basement door ideas!

How to find the best basement door ideas?

When looking for new basement door ideas, start with a plan. For a better understanding of what door is the best for your basement, you should know all the details.

#1. A form of living space

Mainly, your basement door design depends on how you are going to use your basement:

  • Bedroom
  • Bowling alley
  • Home cinema
  • Home office
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Storage
  • Other options

#2. The door location

To determine the right type and size of your basement door, you have to decide where to locate it. The type and size of your door completely depend on the certain location. Besides, the security of your door often depends on its location.


#3. The door type

Now that you know for sure how you are going to use your basement, where your door is located, and the right size of it, you can proceed with exploring the basement door ideas.


Choose the best door that fits your basement design, size, and purpose.

#4. The professional points

Before you start your renovating or building project, don’t forget to apply to the local administrative offices for permission!

These requirements include:

  • Noise permits
  • Public safety permits
  • Structural development permits

Fill out all the necessary application forms that are required by your local administrative offices, so that you can legally start your project.

Basement exterior door ideas

For those who are going to install a new basement door outside the house, here are multiple basement exterior door ideas to choose from:

#1. Walkout basement door

Having a walkout basement door means a lot of variants to choose from. This is an entry door that you can get through from the backyard, since a walkout basement entrance means a door that leads directly to the outside of the house.


In other words, a walkout basement has at least one exterior door that leads to the outside.

Having a walkout door in your basement, you can design it as you wish. If you want to add more natural light to your basement, a French glass door is your best bet. This great door option is a multi-panel door that includes glass panels from both sides.

Simple French doors can work best for you in case you have a wide basement entrance. Thus, you can fully open both doors to get in and out easily, for example, with some big furniture.

You can also opt for the barn doors that add some rural and rustic vibe to your basement design. A good idea is to install sliding doors that are a great space-economy option.

#2. Roofed-over basement door

For the exterior basement doors, there are always many risks to get damaged. So, isn’t it a good idea to give your basement door extra security?


Roofed-over doors are one of those basement exterior door ideas that provide extra security to the door surface. The roof over the door is a great protection against severe weather. So, you don’t need to worry much about the door paint getting cracked.

In addition, the roofed-over option is easily combined with various basement exterior door ideas. Just add this extra protection to the basement entrance.

#3. Basement bulkhead door

Among the basement exterior door ideas, bulkhead doors (also known as cellar basement doors) are one of the most popular options.

At the first sight, this exterior door option may seem dull, as the bulkhead doors are often neglected, peeled, and scratched. However, you can just pay more attention to your basement entrance and make the door look perfect. Switch on your creativity!


Bulkhead doors are often used as egress doors in many basements. However, you can use it differently as you wish. As an exterior door, a bulkhead door works absolutely well. However, keep in mind that having a bulkhead door from the sidewalk is not the best idea, as it is not secure.

Installing the basement bulkhead door that comes to your backyard is the best option.

You can get quick access to your basement from outside. In addition, you can decorate it up to any home design style!

The drawbacks of bulkhead doors are their heaviness and angled position. Since they are heavy and angled, you may have some trouble when opening them from the inside of the basement.

#4. Basement Clamshell door

Clamshell door is a kind of bulkhead door that looks more creative and modern. This door is opened and closed like a big clam (hence the name).

image5 1

Clamshell cellar doors are full of benefits. Along with looking modern and classy, they are much more secure than many other similar door options. A Clamshell door protects your basement from moisture and provides more security in general. Besides, it has a high-quality, smooth surface that doesn’t need too much hustle to renovate it.

#5. Basement fiberglass door

If you are looking for durable door options, then think of installing a fiberglass door.


Fiberglass is one of the best heavy-duty materials. It looks just like a traditional wood door, but is much more durable and secure. In addition, they come in different colors, so you can choose any door that is up to your home design style.

#6. Basement egress door

Are you going to add extra security to your living space? Then, a basement egress door is your must-have option!


Create an extra entry in your basement, so that you can easily escape from the house in case you need it. It is the most essential way if you have a finished basement. You can install this security door by yourself or call the professionals to get it installed.

As we mentioned before, you can install a bulkhead door as an egress exit out of your basement, However, you can opt for more minimalist door options.

Basement interior door ideas

Does your house have an entrance that leads directly to the basement? If so, you have to match the door design with your home interior.

Here are some smart ideas for the interior basement doors:

#1. Hatch door

Hatch doors are a great option for those who are short of space. A hidden basement door that secretly opens over the basement stairs is a great space-economy decision! In addition, this secret way keeps any intruders away from your home space.


A hatch door frame is installed on your floor so that you can get through this door down into the basement. The entrance leads directly to the basement stairs that start conveniently under the hatch door.

During the hatch door installation, take care of the free access to your basement! Make sure that your hatch door is large enough to get through it. The opening process must be easy, so there shouldn’t be any obstacles nearby your hatch door.

Think of the hatch door design, as it should match the design of the room where it is located. Opt for the door style that fits your vest. You can install the hatch door that is flush with your floor, as well as the raising-up hatch door.

In case you are not sure that you can keep up with the door installation, hire professionals to install it for you.

#2. French door

French doors are also known as double doors. These are multi-panel doors that slide open without occupying the square footage in your basement. You can open both of the panels, or just one of them if you wish.


For those who are looking for spacey and cozy ideas, French doors are the most beautiful and welcoming option!

One more good idea is to add curtains to the double doors instead of glass installations. The curtains will make your doors look more rustic if you prefer such a style.

#3. Dutch door

A Dutch door, which is also called a half door, is a great option for the interior basement doors. This door consists of two halves that are divided horizontally and open separately.


Dutch doors have several benefits. If you want to add some farmhouse style to your basement design, a half door is definitely one of your best bets. Besides, if you have small kids and pets, these doors add more security to your basement as well.

#4. Glass door

A glass door is a great way to visually enlarge your room and add more light to the inside of your basement. Looking enjoyable, these doors are one of the most popular options in many basements.


You can opt for a full glass door, or a wood one with a glass installation in it. Besides, you can install sliding doors that are made of glass.

#5. Hidden door

What if you want to hide your basement door in the interior design? This plan is possible to complete, as you have several ideas on how to design your hidden basement door.


You can mask your basement door by installing a bookcase or some shelves on it. A good idea is to make a false wall that is in fact a basement door. Finally, a hatch door is also a type of hidden basement door!

No matter how you want to design your door, you can always make it fit the inner look of your home. Any hidden door ideas can add more character to your home design!

The key points to remember when designing your hidden basement entrance:

  • Decide on the right location, so that your door can open freely without any obstacles.
  • A good rule of thumb is to opt for the hidden doors that come in a set that includes all the hardware you need for the door installation. So, you don’t need to look for the handles, locks, and hinges that will fit your door, as you already have them in a set.
  • Opt for doors that are made of sturdy materials. Thus, you can be sure that your door will handle all the wear and tear for a long time.

#6. Doorless entrance

If you want to visually enlarge your square footage or simplify the access to your basement, what about the no-door option?


If possible, you can leave the basement entrance without any doors. It is a good option if you want to set up your home bar, bowling alley, game room, or mini-theater in your basement. This option provides a welcoming entrance for your guests from the upper rooms.

As a variant, you can add curtains or valance to your doorless entrance. You can decorate the entrance so that it will match your home design: add the wood accents with a help of matching wood panels, or even mix different materials and colors to accent the basement entrance zone.

Sliding basement door ideas

What if you are short of space and don’t feel like installing a swinging door? Then, sliding doors are your best bet! In comparison to the traditional door, the sliding door doesn’t occupy any extra room and visually enlarges your living space.


Sliding doors include several great ideas, both for interior and exterior basement doors. All that you need to maintain these doors is to keep the railing track fully clean.

#1. Sliding glass door

Sliding glass doors are often chosen both as the exterior and the interior basement doors. However, you can opt for an exterior door that provides more natural light to your basement.

Sliding glass doors can consist of glass panels installed in wood or fiberglass doors, or be designed as full glass doors. This design has a great widening effect and has a great aesthetic view of your backyard.

#2. Sliding barn door

If you don’t mind the rustic design, then a sliding barn door is a great door to opt for!

Usually, barn doors are made of groove joints that look smooth and seamless. Since these doors come in different styles and colors, they can match many types of basement designs.

So, what are the requirements for the barn door?

Keep in mind that your wall must be long enough to install the track and clear enough for the door to slide across easily.

Besides, always keep the railing track clean, so that your door can easily move on it.

#3. Sliding metal door

A great way to provide more security to your basement is to install sliding metal doors. Not only are they more durable, but they also let much less access for intruders.


What type of door is best for basement?

As the easiest to install, a standard metal or wood door is the simplest variant of the interior basement door. They usually come along with the door frame, the door itself, the doorknob, and the hinges, so you don’t need to get all these elements separately. Besides, you can make it match any design by coloring it up to you.

For the exterior basement entrance, a good option is to have sliding doors. They are the most space-economy, so you shouldn’t worry about the lack of square footage for opening doors.

According to your climate conditions, there are also certain best door ideas.

For those who live in a warm climate with a moderate or low level of humidity, a wood door is a good variant to choose.

If the humidity level in your area is high, opt for a steel door. It is much more durable, so you don’t need to worry that it can warp or rot.

Should I put a door on my basement?

Many people are afraid of having a direct interior entrance that connects their home with the basement. So, if burglars break through your exterior door, they can easily get inside through the inner door.

That’s why it is a good idea to have an extra door between your home and the basement.

For moresecurity in your basement, install a security door that is made of heavy-duty materials. These doors are difficult to break through. However, they are usually high in price as well.

What are basement doors called?

The first door name associated with basement doors is a bulkhead door or a cellar door. This is a type of exterior door in the basement entrance installed in an angled position.

Do basement doors swing in or out?

For an ordinary entrance door, it is common to swing in the basement. Swinging inwards, these doors prevent burglars from breaking inside your basement.

However, the egress doors must open outwards, according to the NFPA 101 requirements.

Final thoughts

Here are the most versatile and popular designs for your basement doors. As you can see, it is absolutely easy to choose any variant that will match your home design. If you have some more ideas on how to design your basement doors, share them in the comments!

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