How To Cool A Basement Without Windows Step-By-Step?

Quite often, basements are used to store winter things, so this room should be cool. The process is not complicated, even if you have a room without windows.

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Windowless basement cooling methods

As you know, living in a hot room is quite difficult and dangerous. And the question arises, how to cool my basement without windows? The process is quite simple, and there are several ways to do this.

Installing the mini-split system

On average, the installation of such a system costs $700-7000. If you hire a specialist to install it, you have to pay an additional $1,000.

You can install systems above the ground. The internal block can consist of 4 elements and be supplemented with the external block.

Installing the mini split system

If you want to cool a small room, you can install a single indoor unit system.

If you plan to combine the indoor and outdoor unit, make a hole in the exterior wall. It is recommended to find a professional who does everything right.

Installing a portable AC

You can find a portable room air conditioner for yourself to cool a windowless room. On average, the cost of the system varies from $300 to $700. Almost all air conditioners require good ventilation. If there is no ventilation, a windowless room is filled with hot air.

You have the option of ventilating a portable air conditioner through the wall. You can take advantage of the ventilation that extends beyond the basement. Do not use ventilation that goes into the next room. After all, hot air returns.

If there is no ventilation, or the system is clogged with debris, you have to make a hole in the outer wall.

An exhaust hose is released through it. It is due to this that portable air conditioners provide efficient cooling of the room.

If possible, you can install a full-fledged air conditioner. As you know, the main principle of air conditioners is to remove hot air and make the room more refreshing. On average, air conditioners maintain the temperature at 20 degrees.

You need to understand that the cost of the AC is quite high. Especially if you install a wall air conditioner. In a room with no windows, you need to install an air conditioner that meets all the requirements.

If you have a small basement and a room with no windows, it is better to abandon the central air conditioning system.

The central air conditioner can be replaced with a window unit. It’s more affordable and better installed. Before you install windows and doors, you should measure all the dimensions of the basement.

Use of additional insulation

To improve indoor air quality, you can improve the insulation. That is, in the summer in a room without windows there will be cooler air, but in the winter it will remain warm.

Use of additional insulation
Дизайн без названия – Use of additional insulation

Therefore, it is advisable to insulate not only the walls but also the ceiling. The floor must remain uninsulated.

Due to this, cool air comes out of the ground, blocking the heat. Wall and ceiling insulation helps to replace the AC because hot air does not penetrate the room with no windows.

Try to use insulation that has been specifically designed to work in the basement. After all, conventional insulation options are less effective.

To make a hot room cooler, electrical wiring and plumbing may be required.

You can find special insulation boards to work with, or you can use foam. This ensures that the room does not pump air, and it will be much more comfortable to stay in it.

To increase the penetration of cold air, take care of the vapor barrier so that moisture cannot seep through.

Lighting change

In many basements, there are incandescent lights. To let cold air into a room without windows, you should stop using incandescent lamps. You can only use them in winter.

During operation, incandescent lights get very hot, and gases are provided inside.

If the lamp power is 100 watts, then heating is carried out up to 4600 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, heat is released into the room and heats it.

Installing a ceiling fan

To constantly circulate the cool air in a room without windows, it makes sense to install a ceiling fan. It can work all year round, and for this, it is only necessary to change the speed of the blades. Ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise.

Installing a ceiling fan

Placement of multiple air fans

If you need to keep cool air in the room with no windows, you can install some air fans.

One of the fans should be placed closer to the place where fresh air comes from. Place the second fan in a windowless room that needs cooling.

Cold air should be directed into a room with no windows.

This method works if the other room has a window. Two fans are a great alternative for good air circulation if there is no conditioning. At the same time, the two-fan trick is very relevant for those who are trying to save money.

Installing a through-the-air conditioner

To block warm air, you can install a through AC. It is installed inside the opening of the wall. They consume little electricity, so they will help save.

through the air conditioner

Be prepared for the fact that the installation of a through AC will require effort.

You have to make a hole in the wall. To keep the room cool, it makes sense to install such an air conditioner in rooms where there is a lot of space.

Evaporative cooler application

An evaporative cooler can be installed to provide air conditioning. It has another name—a ventless air conditioner.

The ductless AC is an alternative to the combination of a floor fan and ice.

The air conditioning unit may consist of an evaporative cooler or a swamp cooler. Cold water is poured inside the tank, or ice is placed. The air from the room passes over the cold water and is released back.

Such a conditioning system is quite simple and effective. It is better to choose such an air conditioning system in a room where the humidity is low.

Exhaust fan application

If installing an air conditioner is expensive for you, you can use an exhaust fan. It effectively removes hot air from a windowless room.

Exhaust fan application

We’ll have to put in an exhaust fan and open the door. The fan draws air from the entire room and can push air outside.

This method is suitable if the room is hotter than outside. Warm air will move from a high-temperature source to a low-temperature source.

Dehumidifier application

To keep the basement cool, it makes sense to use a dehumidifier. The main purpose of a dehumidifier is to remove excess moisture from a room.

This causes the temperature to drop. Additionally, dehumidifiers help prevent mold growth.

Clean your dehumidifier regularly. This blocks the overload, and you can extend the life of your dehumidifier. Remember to keep the device away from a heat source. With these simple tips, you can make a windowless basement cooler.

Planting bushes and trees

To keep the basement cool in the future, you can plant trees and bushes around. This contributes to the creation of shade. The sun’s rays will not heat the room too much. This is the perfect solution for summer. If you plant trees and bushes around the house, the wind moves at a slower speed.

Дизайн без названия
Дизайн без названия – 21

This keeps the room cool. Give preference to varieties that are ideal for planting in your area. Remember that plants require constant care. Before embarking on the landing process, it is recommended to study everything in advance, taking into account the amount of your free time.

The use of refrigerator coils

You can also hang coils on the walls of the basement that are installed in the refrigerator or freezer. You can find them at your nearest hardware store. The fixation must be reliable so that an imitation of an air conditioner is created.


When it comes to cooling a windowless basement, many questions can be asked.

How do you cool a windowless basement?

You can cool a room in several ways. The easiest way is to install a ductless air conditioner that quickly and efficiently copes with cooling. You can also install a through or portable air conditioner.
To save money, you can install a ceiling fan or a regular floor fan combined with ice cubes. Many people like the combination of two fans that are installed in different places in the room.

How do you cool down a hot basement?

The easiest way is to use window air conditioners. You can also put conventional fans in the room, which are easy to find in the nearest hardware store.

Can you use a portable air conditioner in a room with no windows?

Yes, you can use a portable indoor air conditioner. Most of these models will require a window through which warm air will exit. If there are no windows in the room, you can release air through the ceiling or door. It is appropriate to release air through the ventilation openings of the basement.

How can I make my room cooler without a window?

To cool a room, try to stop using incandescent lamps. They need to be replaced with LED bulbs. This is because incandescent lamps get very hot, so they raise the temperature in the room. If there are appliances in the basement that you do not use, you should turn them off.
To cool a room, you should also turn off the lights in the basement if no one is there. You can also install multiple fans or invest in a ductless air conditioner.


As you can see, to cool a room that has no windows is quite simple. You can use any of the above methods, depending on your capabilities and skills.

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